Call for Papers for Conference on Shi‘ite Philosophy and Islamic Sciences and Civilization                  23.06.2010


The Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute intends to hold a conference in order to introduce the legacy of Shi‘ite Philosophy and the contribution of Isma‘ilites and Batiniyyah in this regard with the cooperation of the thinkers and authorities in this field.

Given the prominent role of Shi‘ites, particularly, those of the Isma‘ilites and Batiniyyah alongside other Shi‘ite philosophers as a part of this trend, in the evolutions in Islamic philosophy and civilization and its supreme place in the development of the basic foundations of Islamic thought in the five middle centuries, the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute intends to hold a conference entitled “Shi’ite Philosophy and Islamic Sciences and Civilization”. The main purpose of this Conference is to introduce the influence of the Shi‘ite School on the advancement of civilizations, sciences, and philosophy. It also aims to explore the history, political and social changes, philosophical dimensions and place of the Isma‘ilite and Batinite Schools in Shi’ite philosophy and demonstrate the prominent role of Shi’ism in paving the way for social, historical, and political changes in the world of Islam.

This conference will be held on 21 July 2010, and interested professors and researchers can submit their papers to the Secretariat of the Conference until 11 July 2010 on the following two general themes:

A. Shi‘ism and intellectual, theological, and philosophical movement

B. Isma‘ilism

The Postal address of the Conference Secretariat is:

Building 12, Imam Khomeini Complex, Risalat Highway, Tehran, Iran Post Box: 15875/6919

And its internet address is:

 In order to receive more information about a detailed list of topics and the conditions for paper submission please visit the website of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute at


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