Call for Papers for the “Transcendent Ethics Conference”    


Permanent Secretariat of the Conference of

Commemorating Mulla Sadra

In order to spread practical and applied philosophy, introducing it in society, and institutionalizing wisdom in individual and social life, the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute has devoted the 15th edition of its annual conferences on the Day of Mulla Sadra to the theme of “Transcendent Ethics”.

The main purpose of the Conference is benefitting from the model of the transcendent practical philosophy in today’s society. The title of this Conference is “A Glance at Ethics and Philosophy of Ethics in the Transcendent Philosophy”. The submitted papers should be on one of the five general themes given below:

- Individual ethics - Ethics in family - Social and civil ethics - Political ethics - Professional ethics and a comparative study of Islamic ethics in the East and West

All interested scholars and researchers are invited to send the abstracts of their papers on the above topics or the related ones until before 16 March 2011 and their full papers until before 20 April 2011 to the following e-mail address using “Conference 22 May 2011” as the subject” 

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