Exhibition of Mulla Sadra’s Hand Written Booklet     19.7.2008


        Mulla Sadra’s manuscripts were exhibited in the Pars Museum complex of Shiraz at the same time as the Conference of “The Philosophical School of Shiraz”.


       The manuscripts consisting of thirteen pages were recently found in a booklet when organizing the manuscripts available in Pars Museum.

       We read in the first page of this booklet, “These thirteen pages have been written by Mulla Sadra’s noble handwriting and offered as a gift by Mirza Talib Musawi Shirazi to the ruler of Fars.”


       This handwritten booklet, which presents a selection of “Mathnawi M'anawi” and is written in two cursive and Nasakh (a style of Persian and Arabic calligraphy used in printing and typing) writings, was given as a gift by a person called Mirza Abutalib, who was probably the supreme minister of Fars to the ruler. Its margins have been decorated with golden frames and fringes.

       When unveiling these manuscripts, Ayatullah Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei, the President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, while confirming their attribution to Mulla Sadra, said that they might have been related to his youth. He also said that the handwriting was very similar to that of Mulla Sadra.


        It is also noted that Ayatullah Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei unveiled Mulla Sadra's statue which had been previously installed in one of Shiaraz's squares on his journey to this city.



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