In the International Philosophy Conference in Greece, the President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute Said, "Defending Thought, Logic, and Dialog Means Defending the Human Society and Human Civilizations."           25.9.2008


         The 20th International Philosophy Conference on the theme of “Greek Philosophy and its relevance to Issues of our Age" was held in Khani on the Greek island of Crete with the cooperation of a number of philosophers and experts and researchers in other fields from various countries.

In this Conference, after the host country, the United States of America had the greatest number of participants. Ayatullah Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei, the President of SIPRIn (the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute), and Dr. Mulla Salihi, the faculty member of the Archaeology Department of Tehran University, took part in this Conference as representatives of our country.

In the Conference on “Greek Philosophy and its relevance to Issues of our Age”, a number of masters from Asia, Europe, Oceania, America, and Africa delivered speeches on different topics in the fields of art, aesthetics, wisdom, ethics, and architecture and discussed the relationships between each of them and philosophy.

After the opening of the Conference, Professor Boudouris began his words as the President of the Organizing Committee by emphasizing the specific role of Iranian ancient history and rich culture and the Muslim Philosophers of our country, particularly, Farabi and his thoughts, in the elevation and promotion of the philosophy and thought of all times. Then he suggested cooperation between his country and SIPRIn in holding a conference on Farabi’s thoughts.

Then the President of Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute, while expressing the interest of Iran and this Institute in holding such conferences, briefly spoke about the share and role of philosophy and philosophers in the advancement of the history of thought, cultures, and human civilizations.

To continue with his words, by emphasizing the research-oriented and truth-seeking nature of philosophy and its close and inevitable relationship with logic, intellection, and thinking, he introduced philosophy as a rich human and world legacy that does not belong to a specific ethnic group, race, or period.

After referring to the significant efficiency of philosophy, logic, and intellection in solving the problems of human beings, he stated that defending thought, logic, and dialog is, in fact, the same as defending the human society, history, culture, and civilization. That is the reason why SIPRIn started the project of compiling the history of philosophy in the world.

At the end of his words, two of Professor Khamenei’s books, “The Philosophy of Being a Woman” and “The Transcendent Philosophy and Mulla Sadra”, the English translations of which have recently been published, were introduced and given as gifts to the professors attending the Conference.



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