Call for Papers                                                                                                                                       10.01.2009

The Thirteenth Conference for the Commemoration of Mulla Sadra entitled “Philosophical Training and the Philosophy of Education”



        The Secretariat of the Conference for the Commemoration of Mulla Sadra sent a call to masters and researchers working in the field of philosophy to send their papers on the theme “Philosophical Training and the Philosophy of Education” to this office.


In order for inferential thought and logical functioning, which are required for man’s happiness and well-being, to be constitutionalized, it is necessary to examine the important factors and strategies in philosophical training and study its pathology. As the scientific custodian of reasoning and thought, philosophy plays a significant role in this regard.

Accordingly, the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute intends to hold the 13th Conference for the commemoration of Mulla Sadra on 21st May, 2009, the National Day of Mulla Sadra. Therefore, masters and researchers are invited to take part in this Conference by presenting papers on the following subjects: 1) Philosophical Education: What, How, and Why, 2) Teaching Philosophy and its Educational Consequences, 3) Philosophy and Children, 4) Philosophy in Schools, 5) Pathology of Philosophy as an Academic Field, etc.

In order to participate in the Conference, interested people can send the abstracts of their papers until March 5, 2009, and the complete papers until April 8, 2009 to or the permanent Secretariat of the Conference at the following address: Building 12, Imam Khomeini Complex, Risalat Highway, Tehran, Iran. Post Box: 15875/6919

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