Good News for Lovers of Mulla Sadra’s Books and Philosophical Works



On the occasion of Dahe-ye Fajr of the Islamic Revolution, the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research has opened a new store for the sale of its publications. All professors, researchers, and interested individuals can visit the new store of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute the address given below and obtain their required books and journals with a discount and at special prices. There are also a limited number of the CDs of journals and books in this store which will be given as gifts to some customers. It is noted that the Sales and Subscription Unit of the Institute will continue to respond to the questions of interested people at the following number: 0098-21-88153594.

Address of the new store:

No. 1218, Parsa Cultural Complex, between Fakhr Razi and Daneshgah streets, in front of Tehran University, Enghelab-e Eslami street, Tehran, Iran. Phone: 0098-21-66973202


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