Publication of The Rise of Gnostic Thoughts in Andalusia


The book of The Rise of Gnostic Thoughts in Andalusia by Mohammad Hadi Tavakoli was published. This book, which entails a study of the character and thoughts of Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Masarra and two of his treatises has been published in two chapters, in 176 pages, in 1000 copies, at a price of 15000 Tomans, and is now available to interested readers.

The Introduction of this book reads as follows:

The innovative philosophical trend of Massarayah emerged in the early 4th century AH in Andalusia, and its founder was a philosopher called Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Ibn Massara Jabali Qurtubi known as Ibn Massara. His thoughts pertain to the earliest stage of the Andalusian philosophical-gnostic development, whether Islamic or Jewish, and his available works present some philosophical-gnostic models which are different from what had been previously discussed in eastern gnosis and philosophy….

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