Al-Asfar al-Arba'ah Will be Published in English           19.7.2008


         The English translations of the eighth and ninth volumes of al-Hikmat al-muta'aliyyah fi asfar al-arba'ah al-'aqliyyah written by Sadr al-Muta'allihin Shirazi will be published for the first time.

         The book al-Asfar al-arba'ah written by Mulla Sadra on the knowledge of the soul and eschatology has been translated by an English translator and professor of philosophy in America in a project initiated by the Sadra Islamic philosophy Institute.

         It is to be noted that this book has been translated under the supervision and guidance of Professor Seyyed Muhammad Khamenei, who has also written the introduction to it. It is now being published and will be presented to the world by the Publication Center of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute in the near future. This translation is a part of the general project of translating Mulla Sadra's works into non-Arabic languages which has been put in to effect since 1996.

         It is also necessary to mention that the other books of this prominent philosopher either have been translated into English or are being translated now. Some of his books have also been translated into other European languages such as Russian, Bulgarian, and Bosnian, as well as in to Chinese, Korean, and Turkish.




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