Publication of the Persian Translation of ‘Aqa’id al-Islam



The book of ‘Aqa’id al-Islam has been attributed to the late Akhund Mulla Ahmad Fadil Ardabili, one of the distinguished scholars of the 10th century (AH). This unique kalami book, which has been written in Turkish, includes a complete series of Shi’ite religious principles. Habib Karkon Beiragh has translated and corrected this valuable work and conducted the required research under the supervision of Tuba Kermani, and the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute has published it in a beautiful format and made it available to the scientific society of the country and all researchers and interested readers.

In a relatively extensive Introduction, the translator has presented the biography of the writer and referred to his other published works. Moreover, he has emphasized that his major goal in the process of preparing this book has been to consolidate the status of Muqaddas Ardabili as the original writer of ‘Aqa’id al-Islam. The translator has employed the content analysis method in order to accomplish this task. This book has been published in Persian in 720 pages and at a price of 220,000 tomans.

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