Holding the 22nd Annual Conference of Commemoration of Mulla Sadra


The 22nd edition of the Conference of commemoration of Mulla Sadra was held on the theme of “Philosophy, Worship, and Prayer” by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. This event hosted some of the pioneers, everlasting figures, authorities, professors, and researchers in the field of philosophy, as well as a great number of high school philosophy teachers and university and seminary students.

The Conference was opened on 16 May 2018 on the Mulla Sadra Day with a speech by Ayatullah Professor Seyyed Muhammed Khamenei, President of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute. After greeting all the guests and the professors attending the Conference, Professor Khamenei discussed the “Relationship between Philosophy and Worship”. Then other speakers presented their speeches in parallel sessions in two saloons until late afternoon in Adineh Complex.

A file including the abstracts of the papers presented in this edition of the Conference has been uploaded on the official website of the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute and is now available to all users. A pictorial report of this event will also be uploaded in the near future.


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