Call for Papers for the 11th Conference for the Commemoration of Mulla Sadra          12.3.2008


The Secretariat of the Conference for the Commemoration of Mulla Sadra invites researchers to send their papers on “The Transcendent Philosophy and Family Administration” to this office.

As in previous years, Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute intends to hold a Conference for the Commemoration of Mulla Sadra for the 11th time on 21 May 2008.

All university professors, researchers, university students, seminary students studying for MAs and PhDs, and philosophy and logic teachers working in high schools can register to attend this Conference.

Researchers can send abstracts of their papers up to 15 March 2008 and their full papers up to 19 April 2008 to the Secretariat Office of the Conference at the following address:

Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute (SIPRIn),

Building no. 12, Imam Khomeini Complex,

Resalat Highway, Tehran, Iran,

P.O.BOX 15875-6919.

In order to obtain the necessary information about the Conference and the conditions for attending it, interested people can visit the site of Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute,




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