Collection of the Papers Presented at the Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra, , Volume 3 , The Transcendent Philosophy and other Schools

This book is the third volume of the collection of the selected papers of the Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra, which was held in Tehran on 21 May in 2004.

The papers in this book are classified into three categories: 1) Comparative Studies in Islamic Philosophy and Western Philosophy, 2) History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Ancient Iran and its Impacts on World Philosophy, 3) Contemporary Philosophy including Phenomenology, Existentialism, Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Language, Hermeneutics, and Postmodernism.

This volume contains 29 papers, 9 of which are translated from English into Persian and the rest are originally in Persian. The titles of some of these papers and their writers are as follows:

- Phenomenology from the Perspective of Islamic Philosophy, Mahmoud Navali

- Substance in Islamic Philosophy and Rationalism, Touba Kermani

- Hermesian Tradition and Nabawi Wisdom in Islamic Culture, Hussein Kalbasi Ashtari

- The Alexandrian Epitomes of Galen and the Transmission of Greek Philosophy to the Muslims, John Walbridge

- Plato and Magianism, Mohammad Reza Chitsaz

- Ancient Persian Godhead Lore and the Dawn of the Highest Wisdom in the West, Lesław Borowski

- The Impact of Zoroaster and Iranian Monotheistic Religion on Greek Philosophy and the Philosophy of Illumination, Bahram Toossi

- A Linguistic Study of the Role of Language in Philosophy, Hussein Bayat

- Muslims and Contemporary Philosophical Issues in Postmodernism, Ibrahim Olatunde Uthman