Philosophy, Islamic Views, and Modern Attitudes Volume 4 (English Version)

 This book is the 4th volume of the collection of the papers presented at the Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra, which was held in 2004 in Tehran' The titles of some of the papers and their writers are as follows:

 The Philosophical Foundations of Civilizational Dialogue, Hans Köchler

Impact of the Philosophy of Ethics on Practical Decision-Making in Medical Ethics, Baqir Larijani

A Deliberation over the Theoretical Principles of Islamic Art: "Imagination" and "Beauty" in Mulla Sadra's Thought, Hassan Bulkhari

The Emergence of Justification in Ethics, Dagfinn Føllesdal

The Imaginal World, Mull Æadr and Islamic Aesthetics, John F' Quinn

Moral Claims as Formal Truths: Some Implications for the Relations between Theology and Ethics, Douglas P' Lackey

Bare Individual Essences - An Aristotelian Approach to Immortality, Christian Kanzian

Linguistic Analysis of the Process of Attunement in Dialogues of Sufi Master and Student, Frances Trix

Gnosis, Metaphysics and Revelation in Medieval Christian and Islamic Philosophy, Robert J' Dobie

 This volume includes twenty eight papers in the categories of ethics, philosophy of art, politics, philosophical psychology and eschatology, the Qur'an and hadith, gnosis, and mysticism'

This book has been published with the short bio data of the writers of the papers in 353 pages by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute'