Islamic philosophy and Occidental Views

Volume 3 (English Version)

 This is the third volume of the collection of the papers presented at the Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra, which was held in Tehran-Iran in 2004, hosting a number of Iranian and non-Iranian researchers and professors.

The titles of some of the included papers and their writers are as follows:

Reason, Physicalism, and Islam, Karim Douglas Crow

Prophethood in the Transcendent Philosophy, Muhsen Pishwai'i

A Study of the Essential Differences between Shi'ah and Mu'tazilite concerning their Religious Principles, Abbas Gohari

Science and the African Worldview - Rediscovering the Numinous, Reanimating the Cosmos, Anthony Oswald Balcomb

Problems in the Understanding of Actions, Georg Meggle

Some Remarks on Reid on Primary and Secondary Qualities, Steffen Borge

Statements on Comparative Epistemology: 'Allamah Iabaiaba'i and Kant, Mas'ud Umid

Ibn Sina's Anticipation of Burdian and Barcan Formulas, Zia Movahed

An Account of Causality and the Relation between Causal Rules and Scientific Explanations, Marcus Romberg

Methodological Falsification and Non-Empirical Substantiation of Scientific Knowledge, Nikita Golovko

 This book includes 29 papers on theology and philosophy of religion, philosophy of the mind and epistemology, issues in contemporary philosophy, logic, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of science.

The third volume of the Second World Congress on Mulla Sadra has been published along with the short bio data of the writers in 386 pages by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute.