Collection of the Papers Presented at the First World Congress on Mulla Sadra, Volume 6, Mulla Sadra, Ontology, and the related Issues

This is the 6th Volume of the collection of the papers of the first World Congress on Mulla Sadra. The previous volumes of this collection dealt with the following categories:

1. Studies related to Mulla Sadra's school and the Transcendent Philosophy

2. Comparative Studies on Mulla Sadra and other philosophers and their schools of philosophy

3. Comparative Studies of the issues discussed by Islamic and Western philosophers and thinkers

This volume contains the papers related to the fourth and fifth categories called "Epistemology" and "Philosophical Issues in the history of philosophy", respectively. Ten of the papers have been translated from English into Persian and one of them from French into Persian. They have been marked by (*) and (**), respectively, in the table of the contents of the book. The other papers of this volume are originally in Persian and have merely undergone scientific and formal edition by the related Center in SIPRIn.