Collection of the Papers Presented at the First World Congress on Mulla Sadra, Volume 5, Mulla Sadra and Comparative Studies

 The fifth volume of the selected papers of the First World Congress on Mulla Sadra, entitled Mulla Sadra and Comparative Studies, covers the following subjects and categories: the soul, knowledge and perception, gnosis, Illumination, as well as comparative studies of the issues discussed by Islamic and Western philosophers and thinkers.

Some of the writers of the papers of this collection are Yanis Eshots, Lucian Stone, Yana V. Botsman, Yuri Pochta, Valerie Hoffman, Majid Fakhry, Sayyid Muhammed Dibaji, Sayyid Husein Mosavi, and Saied Rahimiyan.

This volume consists of 36 papers. Sixteen have been translated from English into Persian and one from French into Persian. The rest of the papers are originally in Persian.

A short biography for each of the writers of papers has also been given in the book.