Collection of the Papers Presented at the First World Congress on Mulla Sadra, Volume 11, Mulla Sadra and the Issue of the Soul and Resurrection

The 11th volume of the collection of the papers of the World Congress on Mulla Sadra is on the issue of the soul and resurrection. It consists of 2 chapters: the first is entitled Ilm al-nafs or psychology and includes 20 papers, and the second is entitled eschatology and consists of 13 papers.

 The book consists of 33 papers altogether, seven of which have been translated from English into Persian and two from Arabic into Persian.

The titles of some of the papers and their writers are as follows:

- Man's Soul in Mulla Sadra's view, Abdullah Shakiba

- Mulla Sadra's Idea of Soul-Body Relation and its Consequences in Psychology, Kamal Kharrazi

- A Comparison between the Ideas of Mulla Sadra and those of Piaget in Psychology, Ali Shariatmadari

- Levels of the Soul in the View of Philosophers, Gnostics, and Poets, Jalil Mesgarnejad

- Naturalism and Psychological Explanation, Paul K. Moser

- Two Anthropologies, Robert Piotrowski

- The Relationship between Philosophy and Psychological Hygiene, Shahrbanoo Jala'i

- Corporeal Resurrection in the Transcendent Philosophy, Muhammed Reza Hakimi

- The Extent of Islamic Eschatological Thought about Soul and its Influence on a Person's Attitude to Death, Chindo Yakubu Kani Esq

- The Issue of Transmigration in Mulla Sadra's Philosophy, Salih 'Adimah

A Short biography has also been given for each writer in the book.