Risalah fi al-qutb wa'l-mantaqh and Ajwibat al-masa'il al-nasiriyyah, Jawabat al-masa'il al-awisah, and Jawabat al-masa'il al-jilaniyyah  Treatises

This book is a collection of some treatises most of which including Mulla Sadra's responses to philosophical questions.

 I. Risalah fi ajwibat al-masa'il al-nasiriyyaah

Mulla Sadra wrote this treatise in response to the questions Tusi asked from Shams al-Din Khosroshahi, who was one of the prominent scientists of the seventh century AH and an authority in rational and Shar'i sciences.

However, there are no responses by Shams al-Din Khosroshahi to Tusi's questions available. In fact, it is not clear why he has refused to respond to the philosophical questions of Tusi, who was himself one of the unique scholars of his time and an authority in all rational and traditional sciences. Or, if there were some answers, why did they not reach the hands of later people?

Nevertheless, after finding access to Tusi's questions, Mulla Sadra tried to answer them. These questions are about motion, the soul, and the reason for the emanation of multiple things from a single cause (Holy Essence of Truth).

 II. Risalah fi Jawabat al-masa'il al-awisah

This treatise has been written is response to the questions posed by one of the scholars that Mulla Sadra has not named. The problems propounded in this treatise include the following:

1. The mode of the soul's knowledge of essence, faculties, senses, the universal forms printed on the soul, and the particular forms existing in its faculties.

2. The soul's lack of dominance over some faculties and body organs, which is inconsistent with the collective unity of the faculties of the soul, their natural relation, and the soul's dominance over them.

3. The indication of the strange forms and images observed in plants and animate beings that their creator is not an unconscious faculty.

4. The evolution of zygotes and seeds.

5. The subsistence of the human soul after the body's demise.

Mulla Sadra has provided extensive responses to all the questions asked by the one who posed them.

 III. Risalah fi ajwibat al-masa'il al-jilaniyyah

Mulla Sadra wrote this treatise in response to the questions posed by Shamsay-e Gilani, one of the prominent philosophers of the eleventh century AH. He posed five philosophical  questions concerning issues such as motion, the soul, and mental existence and asked Mulla Sadra to discover their secrets and answer the questions.

 IV. Risalah fi al-qutb wa'l-mantaqah

Mulla Sadra wrote this treatise in response to a heavenly question. Ayatullah Hassanzadeh Amuli has edited this work and written an extensive Introduction to it. This treatise consists of three chapters, including the Introduction.

Chapter one is an Introduction to the treatise and briefly refers to the question and its answer. Chapter two entails Mulla Sadra's response to the heavenly question, and chapter three entails Ayatullah Hassanzadeh's specific points and comments on the subject of the treatise.

These three treatises have been published with an extensive Introduction (which can be considered a summary of these treatises in Persian) by Dr. Abdullah Shakiba, who has also edited the work and conducted the required research, under the supervision of Professor Seyyed Mohammad Khamenei, along with Risalah fi al-qutb al-Mantaqah, with the edition of Professor Hassanzadeh Amuli, in 270 Pages by the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Institute.