Plectrums and Melodies: A Collection of Interviews with Ayatullah Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei

 The expression of thought, including philosophical thoughts, has been done in various moulds in the course of history. One of these moulds is dialog. The use of this mould not only prevents tiredness and boredom on the part of writers, but also portrays the conflict of ideas and thoughts better than any other one. That is why the Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute has recently collected and published the collection of interviews with Professor Seyyed Mohammed Khamenei in a book titled Plectrums and Melodies.

The interviews included in this book have been classified into six categories:

- Philosophy and philosopher

- Transcendent Philosophy (Mulla Sadra's School)

-  Mulla Sadra (Biography)

- Mulla Sadra Conferences

- History of Philosophy

- Philosophy and Children